This is what men most love about breasts. It’s not the size, it’s

The fascination of men for the breasts of women is such that they have even infected us with the need to adore them when we see ourselves in the mirror. And those who are not lucky to have them like the ones we see in the lingerie advertising feel that they should resort to anything to show them off in order to please the kids.

 However, perhaps that is where women are wrong, because men like ALL breasts, whether they have the size or presentation they have, they do not make distinctions or discriminate. So stop conflicting and pay attention to the ten things that most attract the men of your breasts, and it’s not just the size.
10.- See them

Regardless of volume, men have fascinating attraction towards breasts of all kinds. It does not matter if they are big and round or if they are small and a little flat, in the same way they enjoy seeing them. Although there are those who have a preference for certain forms, most do not make distinctions. 
9.- Feel them

Maybe men do not know how to express perfectly with words why they like to touch and caress them so much, but the truth is that they love doing it. So if you have the opportunity to feel them, rest assured that they will.
8.- That they serve as a pillow

There is nothing more comforting for a man, after a long and tiring day, to put his head in the soft and comfortable breasts of a woman. They can really relax and rest on its warmth, and even recharge batteries to get back into action …
7.- Use them as handles

During intimacy there are certain positions in which they are so exposed to the hands of man, that he can not avoid touching them while taking advantage of the moment, even if it is not precisely so as not to lose balance.And the truth is that to feel that the boy that attracts us has a desire to touch them, is an incentive for us, regardless of the moment. 
6.- Understand your signals

Our breasts have a very peculiar way of showing if we are cold, if someone excites us or even excites us, and that for men is very attractive. Realizing the signals they emit, whether through clothing or if they are exposed, is something that will always make them happy.
5.- Imagine them

Even when they have not seen them naked, men have incredible ability to enjoy them, even if only in the imagination. No matter who it is, the truth is that they can spend a lot of time thinking about them, and when they have the opportunity to see them without clothes, no matter what the reality, they will rarely be disappointed.
4. Its curvature

No matter how pronounced the curves of your breasts, the point is that men really enjoy seeing how the skin of our body rises so peculiarly, and for them it is even comforting to see its curvature in conjunction with the rest of our feminine anatomy. 
3.- Kiss them

No matter if it goes back to the times when they fed him as a baby, it is inevitable that a man wants to put a woman’s breasts in his mouth by having them naked in front of him. There are those who, besides kissing them, enjoy sucking them or even biting them; just be careful to make it clear how intensely you like them to do it.
2.- See them in movement

Just as they enjoy seeing them naked and feeling them, they also love to watch them move and admire how they move when you walk, or bounce when you run. This can make them fix their eyes on you – well, on your breasts – with the same interest that they put it on the scoreboard of a game that is about to end. 
1.- That are round

After reading everything that men like about breasts, you should be very clear that they appreciate many more things than just size, but what most people have in common is that they like to be round, regardless of whether they are small or large, natural or plastic.