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The most memorable dresses to be seen on the red carpet

One of the perks of being a celebrity today means getting to attend many awards shows that recognize the fields of acting, music and art in general. Besides the awards themselves and being in a room full of celebrities, one fundamental part of award shows is the fact that celebrities get a log of media attention. It is an opportunity for them to wear gowns or tuxedos and walk down the red carpet in front of hundreds of flashing cameras.

Some of the best known celebrities get sponsored by high-end fashion designers to wear their creations at these awards shows. In many cases, jewelry companies will even lend them thousands of dollars, worth of merchandise to get press for their brands. For some celebrities, theses shows are a chance to make a fashion statement and even outdo their colleagues in the industry.

At particularly high profile events, many celebrities take it as a chance to wear revealing outfits that leave people talking for weeks afterward. It is no wonder that fans and photographers line up for hours on red carpets in order to get a glimpse of some of the most gorgeous people in the country and ask them “who are you wearing?”

Another reason why the stars take red carpets so seriously is because they know the press is watching and they don’t want to end up on any “worst dressed” list. Most celebs even have stylists to choose their outfits for them so they don’t look foolish on the carpet. The red carpet has sort of become an event of its own and there are even entire shows that focus solely or red carpets, such as Fashion Police.

Over the years, many red carpet outfits have stood out in our minds, some for being timeless and elegant and some for being totally revealing and risqué. Like many things in life, such dresses can be hit-or-miss: Beyoncé’s legendary sheer and sequin dress that she wore to the 2015 Met Gala is considered a masterpiece, while Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress left us feeling raw.

While some of the dresses on this list might not be to your taste, they made it on for leaving an impression on our collective memory for being saucy sartorial choices that left our mouths agape. Welcome to our list of some of the most jaw-dropping dresses that were ever worn at red carpet events. You may have a hard time believing that these celebrities got away with these outfits.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been working in the music world for years now and she is constantly trying to reinvent herself when it comes to her sound and her fashion choices. While Swift has had a number of styles that we love, this modern and revealing dress is not one of our favorites. Her blunt haircut and the asymmetrical lines and slits on the dress makes it seem like she just walked out of a time machine.

Jennifer Lopez

A true icon and a risk-taker when it comes to fashion, while many of J-Lo’s outfits have had people divided into naysayers or supporters, the public almost unanimously agreed that this red dress the singer and actress wore to the 2015 Met gala was a hit. The sheer panel on the side of this dress shows of Jennifer’s curves without being too provocative. J-Lo looks drop dead gorgeous and she makes us forget that she is almost 50 years old.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is best known for acting in Orange is the New Black but the celebrity is making us think that leather should be the new cotton after wearing this one-shouldered show stopper to the Grammys red carpet. Cox definitely knows how to make a statement with a dress and although the dress it is pretty provocative with its leather and chains, it somehow manages to give off a classy vibe.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a gorgeous woman who would look good in almost anything. However, after seeing this look come down the red carpet, we are not sure if she SHOULD be wearing any outfit. The actress and creator of Goop is showing a ton of side leg in this designer dress and we wonder how much she paid for wearing something with such little material. If Paltrow turned the wrong way in this dress it could spell a potential fashion disaster.


How old is too old to wear a sheer, sequin jumpsuit? Some may say that 71 might be a cut off age. Cher has always been a fashion icon over her long career, however, it sort of uncomfortable to see an older person trying to dress like they are still in their twenties. Don’t get us wrong, Cher can do as she pleases but we think she may have gone a little far in this over the top jumpsuit that she paired with thigh high boots.

Jaimie Alexander

So far we’ve seen a number of dresses similar to this one which Jaimie Alexander wore in 2013 to the Thor: The Dark World premiere. While some of these cutout dresses have been fashion-dos, this is (in our opinion) a fashion don’t. The lines on the dress are just too strange and they don’t do anything for Alexander’s figure. It would have been much nicer had it just been a plain black dress.

Jennifer Lopez (again)

J-Lo’s status as a fashion maven was solidified after she wore this flowing green Versace number to the Grammys back at the beginning of the decade. Like it or not, this dress is very revealing and it put J-Lo on the map as someone to look out for when it comes to fashion. And from the looks of her smile, she knew exactly what she was doing when she hit the red carpet with it.

Lady Gaga

While the avant-garde singer Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous fashion choices, this is actually one of her tamer outfits. Although this is a more classy look for the popstar, she still managed to show her curves while strutting her stuff at the Grammys alongside the legendary Tony Bennett. The slits in Gaga’s dress almost met in the middle as the slit in the leg was so high and the neckline so low. However, this is a style that we rarely see from Gaga and we can’t get enough.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora got the sheer side panel look right! Although this trend has been tried over and over again, very few stars have gotten it right, however, Rita deserves an award for being the one that pulled it off. The British singer and actress appeared at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in this partially sheer dress with a long black train. While the dress is very revealing, the provocative parts are balanced out by the elegance of the train.


If ever there was an opportunity to wear an over the top and revealing gown, the Met gala is the perfect place. Queen Bee was the talk of the red carpet in 2015, when she showed up in this glittery, sheer and figure hugging dress. Although this dress is extremely revealing, it is so unique that it was widely acclaimed amongst fashion enthusiasts and on best dressed lists throughout the media. It has become an iconic dress in Met gala history.

Heidi Klum

It isn’t so hard for a supermodel to look good in a curve-hugging dress, and Heidi Klum is a testament to this. The stunning model looked like the picture of elegance and glamour in this gold Art Deco-inspired number. Although Klum was showing a lot of skin when she showed up to the 2013 Oscars in this, she still managed to look classy and like a golden Oscar statue. Heidi does not disappoint on the red carpet.

January Jones

While we have a lot of criticisms about this dress, we have to give January Jones credit for perfectly matching her lipstick color to it. The Mad Men star showed up to the 2011 Golden Globes in this dress that just has too much going on. On their own, a v-neck, cutouts, and fringe can look nice on a dress, however, when added all together in one look it just becomes a sort of Frankenstein monster of a dress.

Bella Thorne

Over the years, Bella Thorne has grown from being a Disney Channel star into a young and risk taking woman. Her style has evolved quite a bit over the years and we are loving this sleek and edgy look and Thorne was wearing at the Critics Choice Awards. Although we can see a lot of Bella in this dress, there is enough material to make give her a classy look while atill making a big statement.