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Sunday, 20 May 2018


The author looks back at previous 'World Expos' and lists his expectations from the upcoming one

Dubai will be hosting the World Expo in 2020. Dubai, true to its penchant for grandeur, in fact for everything grandiose, promises to make it an experience like never-never-before. A massive dome with a trellis framework is being designed as the structure that will dominate the Expo 2020 site in Dubai South, doubling up as a 360-degree screen at night, projecting images to thousands of visitors both inside and outside.

Built of light, translucent material, the dome at Al Wasl Plaza – 65 metres tall with a diameter of 150m – will hold an estimated 10,000 visitors. Filled with fountains, waterfalls, parks and palm-lined courtyards, the dome will be partly open to the sky at the top. Most importantly, while the expo area, its domes, its pavilions, its entertainment parks, its gardens and fountains get ready for 2020, Dubai already has a powerful brand ambassador hard-selling the event many months in advance. 

Dubai has been running commercials with India’s most stylish Khan, SRK, (inviting the world to Dubai with a heartwarming #BeMyGuest campaign that started a year ago, and has gained momentum with more renditions in the past few months.

The new King Khan-Dubai commercial is currently being aggressively pushed on social media. More so, on WhatsApp, a medium rarely tried so far by any brand. The new SRK commercial was seeded on WhatsApp about three weeks ago, and informed sources say it has already been seen 18 million times so far. 

The commercial is accompanied by a short introductory write up that says SRK charged Rs. 30 crore for the advertisement; he stayed at the Burj Al-Arab hotel’s Royal Suite; traveled in a private jet from Mumbai to Dubai; his wardrobe cost was USD 25,000. The narration goes on to credit Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid’s (Ruler of Dubai) wife Rania for the concept and idea behind the Dubai 2020 commercial. 
Most WhatsApp users in India would have received a forward of this commercial from a friend or someone from the family. 

To be honest, the SRK commercials are nice, but not really outstanding. The launch commercial of a year ago used two visual devices to good effect. The first was SRK wearing a hooded parka, in partial disguise, which worked well to hide his identity till he decided to show himself to unbelieving members of the public.

The second was the excitement and surprise at meeting SRK expressed by covering the face with the palms by all who met the superstar, so unexpectedly. That expression is almost common across all sequences in the commercial. SRK is his usual genial, amiable self, playing the good host.

 Be it in the souk or joining the youngsters on a plane going sky-diving or meeting the aunty-ji while jogging or playing beach volleyball or shopping in the mall or serving up a meal in a restaurant, Shah Rukh is his natural self, unpretentious, somewhat mischievous and happily playful. 

The cinematography in the commercial is outstanding, especially the end shots of the dancing fountains at the Burj. Dubai looks warm and welcoming with SRK as the host, and ambassador.

  Unfortunately, the follow-up SRK commercial is a bit ‘A’ for ‘Apple’, ‘B’ for ‘Boy’. Directed by Kabir Khan, the sequel is not half as good. The honeymooning couple looks very bored, and tensed. The young footballer looks as if he is in a daze. The girls from LA on a road trip and the boys from Singapore look a bit contrived. The parents from Mumbai and the family from NY all look as if they are getting ready for a re-make of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam or some such tear-jerker … very clichéd, very Bollywood. 

The camera shoot-throughs at Lego Land and Opera Dubai also look somewhat forced. The entire narrative in this commercial lacks the surprise and spontaneity of the earlier commercial. SRK looks far more forced in this version of the Dubai 2020 invitation. 

 You cannot blame Dubai for trying hard, in fact very hard, well in advance of the Expo 2020. The promise of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ is not going to be easy to deliver. Dubai despite its reputation for being everything that is tallest-biggest-grandest-costliest etc., may already be falling short of what was done for the World Expo, way back in 1889 when Paris hosted a similar world fair. Paris erected the Eiffel Tower, the iconic wrought iron lattice edifice on the Champ de Mars, to welcome the world to its fair. At 324 meters (1,063 feet) in height, the Eiffel then became the tallest man-made structure in the world. 

Ever since, over 250 million people have visited this monument. Nothing in the current Dubai plans shows anything quite as monumental or as impactful or as memorable being created for the Dubai fair. Of course there are interesting architectural creations, and possibly well done pavilions too, but somehow after the initial euphoria, Dubai 2020 seems to have lost some of its zing. 


The World Expos trace their history to 1851 when the first World Expo was held at The Crystal Palace (The Great Shalimar, as it was also known) in Hyde Park, London. Titled ‘The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations’ it was an idea of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband. The Koh-i-Noor diamond was displayed at the World Fair as part of the India exhibit, as it had been acquired by Great Britain in 1850 as part of the Lahore Treaty. 

Also on display was the gorgeous, Daria-i-Noor, one of the rarest pale pink diamonds in the world. The early 8th century Tara Brooch, the finest penannular Irish brooch ever, was also put up for display by Dublin jeweler George Waterhouse.  Interestingly, this World Fair also saw the first modern pay toilets being installed, with 827,280 visitors paying 1 penny fee to use them. In fact ‘Spending a penny’ became a euphemism for using a toilet ever after. 

 World Expos have been used to showcase many marvels of technology over the past 150 years. In the 1851 London fair mentioned above, Thomas Hancock and Charles Goodyear showcased Vulcanised Rubber to the world, precursor to the invention of automobile tyres. Again in London in 1862, Henry Maudslay showcased the world’s first maritime Steam Engines. The Philadelphia fair in 1876 saw a Typewriter created for the first time by E. Remington and Son, with a QWERTY keyboard that typed only capital letters. Heinz publicized its Ketchup for the first time at this World Fair. Alexander Bell’s Telephone too was first showcased at the Philadelphia fair.    

The Chicago 1893 World Fair saw the debut of Architect George Ferris’s Wheel. The first ever Ferris wheel had a 264 foot diameter featuring 36 enclosed cabins and dominated the landscape of the fair. Also at the Chicago fair, over two hundred thousand electric light bulbs were illuminated by Tesla's polyphase alternating current system, making it the most festive looking world fair till then. The first steam powered Tricycle was demoed at Paris World Fair in 1889 by Serpollet-Peugeot. In the year 1900, at Paris again, Rudolf Diesel unveiled the world an engine that would use compressed air to ignite fuel and generate energy. At the same fair Clement Maurice showcased a short film, ‘Cyrano De Bergerac’. The film shot in colour was synchronized to a wax cylinder recording, and is the precursor to modern cinema.

 A year later, at Buffalo in 1901, Dr. Sartori Kato presented to the world, a new concoction, the Instant Coffee, for the first time creating a stable soluble coffee powder. In the fair Wilhelm Rontgen unveiled the X-Ray machine. Saint Louis in 1904 saw Harvey Hubbell present his patented plug and socket electrical outlet that kicked off a tidal wave of electrification. 

But Saint Louis will actually be more remembered for the fact that the Ice Cream Cone was invented for this World Fair. Ham Burgers, Hot Dogs, Peanut Butter, Cotton Candy and Ice Tea too received world recognition at this fair. The rest, as they say, is history. 

 One can go on and on about how World Expos have been the home to many inventions over the years. I was fortunate to be at the Aichi World Fair in Japan in 2005. I witnessed Maglev unveil their revolutionary magnetic levitation, used to move objects without touching the ground. In fact I had the privilege of riding the HSST ‘Linimo’ line at the 2005 Expo. What an experience!   Dubai 2020 is still some time away. While Shah Rukh Khan is already active wooing tourists from India, the Expo itself requires to have more magnetism. All the attractions, all the events publicised so far still fall short of the grandeur that one has come to expect from World Fairs. Dubai has never disappointed. 

And I am sure they will maintain the same track record of innovation and discovery. The element of ‘surprise’ at Dubai 2020, will hopefully go beyond a handshake with Shah Rukh.

 (Sandeep Goyal has been a Dubai fan for well-over 25 years. He has seen the city grow from a sandy lagoon to an amazing cosmosopolis over the past two decades. He has great expectations from Dubai 2020.)

Saturday, 19 May 2018



Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan are superheroes. Mask doesn't make anyone a superhero - Anurag

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who has written the upcoming superhero film 'Bhavesh Joshi', today said a mask does not make an actor a superhero.

 'Bhavesh Joshi', featuring Harshvardhan Kapoor in the lead, is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane.

Asked about younger generation of actors not getting acceptance in the superhero genre and if that is one of the reasons why filmmakers are not making such movies, Anurag said, "I don't think a filmmaker thinks like that. If a filmmaker is obsessed with an idea, that is what drives him to make the film."

"He doesn't think about rejection or anything. Our actors are superheroes without the mask. What will happen if you make a superhero a superhero? Like 'Ironman' can't be a 'Spiderman'," the 45-year-old director-producer said.

"Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan are superheroes. Mask doesn't make anyone a superhero. It is a different film and has a different take of Vikramaditya Motwane," he added. 

Asked about Indian filmmakers making movies on the lines of Hollywood films such as 'Avengers: Infinity War', Anurag said budget is still an issue.

"Even if we combine the budget of all the films we make, that would be less than the budget of 'Avengers'. The English language lends itself to a larger audience like how Hindi reaches a larger audience in India."

The team of 'Bhavesh Joshi' said their film will see Harshvardhan as a student-turned-vigilante. The actor said 'Bhavesh Joshi' is not a regular superhero film.

"It is not a quintessential superhero film like 'Krrish'. The idea is that there is a hero within all of us. It is about action speaking louder than words, it is about if something is not right what are you going to do about it? It is a super power, it is a real film," the 27-year-old actor added.

Motwane believes that vigilante culture is in existence in the Hindi cinema since 1970s and it is reflected in some of the films of Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Dharmendra and others.

"This is throwback to 70s. The superhero genre came in America from 30s when corruption and crime was very rampant. When the justice system is not working out, you need vigilante justice."

"There was time when you need a hero. That person can be a with or without a face. Our heroes are about vigilante justice like 'Singham' is vigilante and Salman Khan has played vigilante in so many films,"he said.
The film in set to release on May 25.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Remember when Mr Modi knocked the ultimate fashion sixer outside the park by wearing a suit the stripes of which actually were his own name embroidered in a loop? Here is a reminder. 
 Well we thought no one could top it, because of its sheer uniqueness. Probably we are right, too, but that doesn't mean no one can give him a tough competition. It just happened, and the attempt was made by none other than our very own Mr Shah Rukh Khan. SRK was just spotted wearing a jacket that had his own name - SRK - embroidered on it. Take a look.

Isn't it dope? We are in love with this 'Got my name on, so?' vibe - delightfully nonchalant, yet charmingly narcissistic. We don't know anyone who can pull it off without looking like they are trying hard.
Coming to his outfit, we approve of the choice of white t-shirt and white sneakers. What other colour can possibly hold its own against the black playfulness going on? The plain white t-shirt is the perfect accompaniment to the casual baggy black jacket with its yellow detailing.
We like the vertical slogan detailing on the jacket sleeves, not to mention the 'S R K' in yellow on the left side, casually embroidered on as a part of the design. If someone didn't know who he is, they could totally overlook it as a part of the jacket itself. But who doesn't know SRK? Is it the part of an inside joke or a bet against someone? Knowing how humorous he is, it's totally possible. All we can say is that it's dope.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The KKR co-owner Shah Rukh Khan was at the Eden Gardens and watched on helplessly as the Rohit Sharma led Mumbai Indians thrashed his side by 102 runs. After the match the Bollywood superstar took to social media and said, their names on the day. “Sports is about the spirit; wins/losses don’t reflect that. But tonite as the ‘Boss’ I need to apologise to the fans for the lack of spirit.” 
Co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders and Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla chat as they watch their team's match against Mumbai Indians during the VIVO IPL cricket T20 match in Kolkata on May 9, 2018. 
Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla react during the IPL cricket T20 match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians in Kolkata. 
Mumbai Indians owner Nita Ambani with her son Akash Ambani after winning against Kolkata Knight Riders during the IPL T20 match at Eden Garden in Kolkata. 
Kolkata Knight Riders owners Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla during an IPL T20 cricket match against Mumbai Indians at Eden Garden in Kolkata. 
Mumbai Indians' team owner Nita Ambani celebrate their win over Kolkata Knight Riders with team player Kairon Pollard during the VIVO IPL cricket T20 match in Kolkata. 

Monday, 14 May 2018


Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) set the Indian Premier League (IPL) ablaze on Saturday with a demolition of Kings XI Punjab in Indore.

Dinesh Karthik's men batted first in scorching conditions and ended up registering the highest total of IPL 2018 - 245/6 in 20 overs. This is KKR's highest score in IPL history. The overall highest score is held by Royal Challengers Bangalore, they notched up a staggering 263 runs against Pune Warriors in 2013.

The innings got off to a roaring start as Sunile Narine tonked the KXIP bowlers all around the park. The West Indian marauder blasted his way to 75 from 36.

Karthik then took over and made 50 off 23, while Andre Russell smashed a 14-ball 31.

Twitter was in awe of the ball-striking by the KKR batsmen.

Here are some tweets
#KXIPvKKR Today, after the match. DK: Machan, Narine, shall we go for some Punjabi cuisine? Narine: Already had
Shah Rukh Khan had apologised to fans after KKR suffered a humiliating 102-run defeat at the hands of Mumbai Indians in their previous IPL 2018 match on Wednesday. Just after KKR's loss, Shah Rukh took to Twitter and wrote an apologetic message to KKR fans. "Sports is about the spirit and wins/losses don't reflect that. But tonight as the 'Boss' I need to apologise to the fans for the lack of spirit," he wrote. 

Film with Shah Rukh, Alia not shelved: Karan Johar

Karan Johar quashes rumours claiming that his next production venture, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, has been shelved.
A few months ago, it was announced that Shah Rukh Khan is set to team up with Alia Bhatt for director Gauri Shinde’s yet-untitled next. Immediately after the film’s announcement, the unusual casting raised many eyebrows. Soon reports of the film getting shelved started doing the rounds. But Karan Johar, who is producing the film, is amused with such unsubstantiated stories, and instead says that he is looking forward to teaming up with old friend Shah Rukh again.

“I am very excited [to work with Shah Rukh]. The casting of the film is very unusual, and that’s why, of course, there has been a lot of speculation about what that film is about. But I have left it to Gauri to tell the world what it is about when it comes out,” says Karan. 
In fact, the film-maker has no clue what resulted in the rumours about the film getting shelved. He says, “I really don’t know where all these rumours came from. That film is very much on track, and we are starting it in the middle of January with a non-stop schedule. All of us are very excited to make that movie,” says Karan, who recently filmed part of his next directorial venture — featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma — in London, UK, in a long shooting schedule.

Saturday, 12 May 2018


Shah Rukh Khan has been busy with the shooting of Aanand L Rai directorial Zero. After shooting in Mumbai, the filming has now begun in Huntsville. While Shah Rukh Khan is yet to reach the beautiful location, the production has already begun in Alabama this month. 
According to the makers of Zero, the production of the film began this week in Huntsville. They have already filmed at different locations including Grille 29, the Huntsville Botanical Garden and the Hindu Cultural Center of Alabama in Harvest.

Film co-producer and Shah Rukh Khan’s business manager, Karuna Badwal, recently revealed some interesting details about the shoot at the Hindu Cultural Center of North Alabama outside Huntsville. A couple of days ago several artists and locals were seen dressed in Indian traditional clothes for a scene to be filmed at a temple. 
Karuna Badwal revealed that some scenes of Zero will be filmed at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. She further revealed that 90 people have flown to Huntsville from India and 50 have been hired from American production companies. The film is touted to be the most expensive film in regards to the technical aspect of it.

Furthermore, Prashant Shah, the U.S. executive producer for the film, has arranged the production in Huntsville and worked with the Alabama Film Office and the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.
Shah Rukh Khan is essaying the role of a vertically challenged man. The film stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. This is their second collaboration as trio after Yash Chopra’s last directorial, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. It will also have simply amazing cameos of Salman Khan, Rani Mukerji, Kajol, Alia Bhatt, Karisma Kapoor and Juhi Chawla. This will be, technically, the last film of late actress Sridevi.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Best Moments From Shah Rukh Khan's Hilarious Podcast With AIB

‘All India Bakchod’s new podcast is out and it features Shah Rukh Khan (the un-Roastable). And like anything that features Shah Rukh Khan (except ‘Ram Jaane’ and ‘Happy New Year’) it’s GOLD! Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Khamba and Ashish Shakya hung out with SRK in his library (yeah take a moment, or several, to feel jealous) and it was a laughter riot throughout. In case you missed it (which you shouldn’t have) here are the ten best moments.

1. The podcast started with Tanmay Bhat confronting Shah Rukh Khan on why he never actually invited AIB home after promising to play FIFA. “I’m wondering why today also,” Shah Rukh Khan replied and gave him a much needed reality check.

2. Tanmay Bhat went on to other things only to be interrupted by Shah Rukh Khan for this important question – “You really thought I was going to call you next day for FIFA?”

3. SRK spoke about being in the news for absolutely nothing and what he thinks is the ultimate solution to it all. “Ive decided anyone says anything about me- wrong, right, good, bad ugly - I will just go to their house. Because at the end of it all it’s all about a selfie. I’ve decided one day I’ll take 7 days off and take selfies with everyone who has a mouth to speak with or fingers to write with, I will be the most powerful man in this country.” Never wanted to use #Goals so badly every before!

4. Tanmay Bhat mentioned the recent debate around why India doesn’t have a ‘Meryl Streep of its own and after of course, speaking his mind about how journalists put unnecessary pressure on celebrities, Shah Rukh Khan gave a very valid justification defending himself – “Kya hua na is baar Filmfare Award nahi mila…milta toh yahi speech deta. Jab sala award hi nahi milega toh speech kaise dunga”.

5. The mention of the infamous AIB Roast came up and Shah Rukh Khan was the most relatable human ever when he said he found comfort in knowing the Roast was ‘the end’ of AIB’s career. “The Roast was your ‘Fan’,” he said. Give him an award just for this epic burn!

6. Tanmay Bhat - What is it like dancing at weddings? Do you feel weird being the one to steal the spotlight away from the bride and groom?

Shah Rukh Khan – I mean…they should be happy I’m not stealing the bride away.

*wipes tears of laughter*

7. He revealed why he has never advertised an itch guard or an anti-dandruff shampoo and it was the cockiest yet HAHAHAHAH-funny. “I find it odd and I’m a little shy. Having to do things like dandruff on my shoulder and all is awkward for me. I always say, “look the whole idea of this ad is that this doesn’t happen to me so people will take it because ‘oh it doesn’t happen to SRK because he uses this product’. If you show it happening to me, I’m a regular guy. I’m not a regular guy.”  I’m Shah Rukh Khan. Mujhe daad, khaaj, khujli nahi hoti.”

8. AIB also asked him the customary 2016 question – “did demonetization affect you?” They got the loudest laugh in response.

9. He also made some hilarious revelations from the 90s, when he did his first few International Tours and how a lot of his contemporaries turned up drunk and high on stage (and eventually off it) and did literally nothing.

10. Shah Rukh Khan had us rolling on the floor laughing (no kidding) when he started talking about his ‘cheap thrill’. “I was doing an ad for a biscuit. And there are only couple of ways that even the most varied kind of an actor can eat a biscuit. You can be in love with it, you can be angry with it – I tried all of that. But a biscuit is not eaten with any emotion you know. It’s eaten with biscuit emotion.” He went on to narrate how ridiculous some people sound in the advertising world and how his super protective team dealt with them. “A lot of times ek aadmi ya aurat aate hain jo emotionally involved hote hain apne product ke sath and rightly so aur who mujhko aake bolte hain ‘Sir I want you to eat the biscuit. The feeling of homeliness, the feeling of years of gone by, the feeling of who you are. The feeling of all your achievements gone in that one bite’ and my biggest cheap thrill is that my team is like ‘itni feeling aati toh yaar Filmfare mil jata’ They’re very protective. They are like ‘Itna bola yaar sir ko. Itna toh inke baap ko bhi kisi ne nahi bola’.”

Oh, and Shah Rukh Khan also offered to do a self-scripted wedding show with AIB and that’s kinda become my new purpose in life now – to see it happening. So please don’t ditch, AIB and SRK!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan bags her first project, to shoot for a magazine soon

Suhana Khan, Shah Rukh’s daughter is all set to step into the glamour industry. Seems like the time has come for her to take the giant leap and step up.  All of 17, Suhana has already been in the limelight for her glamorous appearances at Shah Rukh or Gauri’s parties as well as other Bollywood bashes.
Gauri Khan attended an event recently and the super mom was asked about something that she is looking forward to in terms of her children and she quickly replied saying that the only thing she is looking forward to right now is the shoot that Suhana is going to do for a magazine. Well, it is clear that Suhana will soon be seen entering the world of glamour with a bang, we wonder when we’ll get to see the diva in the making on-screen. Till then, catch take a look at this video of Gauri Khan confirming the news.

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan all set to enter the world of glamour

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana, who rules the internet with her gorgeous pictures on Instagram, has bagged her first project in showbiz. The 17-year-old will soon begin shooting for a magazine, her mom Gauri Khan recently revealed.

“Suhana is shooting for a magazine. I don’t want to reveal the name but that’s the most exciting thing I am looking forward to this year,” Gauri told reporters on the sidelines of Hello Hall of Fame Awards that were held over the weekend.

Earlier, talking about the interests of his kids, SRK had said that they need to complete their education first. “Suhana wants to be an actress. I see that zeal in her. She’s extremely good on stage, I’ve seen her performances. She’s admittedly a cinema fan and wants to be in the industry. But my point is simple — you need to complete your education before doing anything. That’s the only thing I have told my children,” he said.

Talking about his daughter Suhana’s interest in the film industry, Shah Rukh had said while promoting his recent film Jab Harry Met Sejal, “Suhana is more theatre-oriented and has been doing plays. The best part is that she doesn’t want to learn (acting) from me. She wants to be an actor in her own right.”

However, he added that Suhana needs to be prepared for the pay gaps that female actors go through: “She can be an actor if she has the passion and guts to work five times harder than me and get paid 10 times less than I do, if times don’t change for women actors. I want her to experience what my female co-stars have gone through. My daughter will be an actor like them and I want to feel the pain.”

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Shah Rukh Khan's Don 3 To Be Shot In Dubai And Abu Dhabi?

Shah Rukh Khan's Don 3 To Be Shot In Dubai And Abu Dhabi?

The Shah Rukh Khan-Starrer Is Slated To Go On Floors Next Year. It Is Also Being Said That A Newcomer Will Play SRK'S Leading Lady
If the trade grapevine is to be believed, the long-in-the-planning Don 3 will be shot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and not Malaysia as in the earlier outings. The Shah Rukh Khan-starrer is slated to go on floors next year. It is also being said that a newcomer will play SRK’s leading lady. Though there is nothing official from writer-director Farhan Akhtar, producer Ritesh Sidhwani had earlier said that the third outing of Don (2006) and Don 2 (2011) will happen.

Last year in December, when Don 2 completed six years, producer Ritesh Sidhwani said Don 3 will happen soon. "It will happen sooner than you know as we have started working on the script and the story. I think we need to crack the story as the responsibility is more (to get it right for the third part). With the next film in 'Don' franchise we won't take that much time, we will make it fast," he told PTI.

Farhan Akhtar and Sidhwani's production company, Excel Entertainment, owns the rights of the Amitabh Bachchan-starrer 1978 film "Don". "Don" (2006) and "Don 2" (2011) also starred Priyanka Chopra opposite Shah Rukh Khan, who stars in the title role. Speculations are rife especially over Priyanka's character, Roma. According to reports, Deepika Padukone's name had emerged to replace the "Quantico" actor. When asked if the makers can play around with the central characters, especially that of Priyanka's, Sidhwani said it is too early to comment.

Shah rukh is cureentlly working on the set of zero.
Zero is directed by Aanand L. Rai and also features Anushka Sharma. The film's teaser showcased Shah Rukh as a vertically challenged man who seems to be fond of Bollywood. Red Chillies Entertainment and Colour Yellow Productions have come together for the film, produced by Gauri Khan. It will release on December 21.

He just wanted to bathe in the same water as Shah Rukh Khan: SRK shares when a fan jumped into his swimming pool

He just wanted to bathe in the same water as Shah Rukh Khan: SRK shares when a fan jumped into his swimming pool

Bollywood actors come across fans of all kinds and behaviour when they step out. If we talk about King Khan - Shah Rukh Khan's fans, one can't even imagine the craze and the level of madness that's there in them for their favourite star.
While some fans worship their favourite stars, there are others who go to extreme ends just to prove their affection for the actor. We came across this incident in the words of SRK himself, in which he narrated how a fan entered his abode Mannat in Bandra, stripped and went in for a swim in his swimming pool.

Shah Rukh was speaking to The Independent in UK right before the release of his film Fan. In the said interview, he went on to share this crazy incident. He was quoted as saying, "One fan got into my house, stripped off his clothes and went for a swim in my pool. When the security guards confronted him, he said he just wanted to bathe in the same water as Shah Rukh Khan. He didn’t want to meet me or have my autograph, just to bathe in the water.”

How weird is that? While every year we witness the humongous number of fans who gather outside Mannat on Shah Rukh's birthday  just to catch a glimpse of their favourite star and wish him well. But this level of audacity was never before heard of. Bizarre!

Thursday, 8 March 2018


Shah Rukh Khan’s message on International Women’s Day will make you scream HELL YEAH!

Shah Rukh Khan updates his Facebook status dedicating it to the women for International Women's Day and it makes us well up! It is every bit sentimental!

Bollywood celebrities are flooding our social media feeds with their unique and inspiring women's day messages. Be it Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee Pannu's video and a sarcastic take on cleavages and moral policing or Virat Kohli's message for his girlfriend Anushka and mom, it's love and happiness all around.

Another actor who had an interesting message to give to the world was Shah Rukh Khan. However, instead of tagging Gauri or Suhana, SRK's message was about AbRam. SRK took to Twitter and posted a picture of  AbRam, who can be seen holding someone's hand.

He wrote,
"Hold her hand so that she can lead you. Happy Women's Day."
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Shah Rukh has shared a heart-warming message for all women in this world on his twitter profile. The Fan actor says, “Often I wish I was a woman…then realise I don’t have enough guts, talent,sense of sacrifice, selfless love or beauty to be one. Thk u girls.” Well, this is why SRK is often called as the ladies man. He very well knows how to win someone’s heart with his humble nature.

The Badshaah of Bollywood is no wonder tagged as the King Of Romance. He knows the key to a woman’s heart. And here again with his sweet message, Shah Rukh has touched million hearts. The actor recently met India’s first eunuch band, 6 Pack Band on the sets of his film. He had a great time with the transgenders as they danced to the tunes of his popular Fan Anthem Jabra Fan.

Is he the most charming or what?

Do you know why Shah Rukh Khan is the ladies man? You might think it’s his stardom or it’s his looks and panache but you’re wrong BIG TIME! Shah Rukh Khan’s humble and charming nature is what makes him so popular with the ladies. When it comes to being the perfect host or the best date, no one can beat this superstar. Now he has proved this point on screen quite well. No wonder he is the ultimate King of Romance. However, would you believe us if we say that he’s the same charming personality off screen as well? You might have difficulty digesting this fact but he is every bit the same dreamy, witty and charming person in real life.

SRK has made us well up in several of his films be it the patriotic Chak De India! or the romantic flick, Kal Ho Na Ho. He may have died in the film but not before giving us goosebumps with his fantastic acting. So yes, he is every bit a sweetheart and he has done it again! Just sometime ago, the Fan actor updated his Facebook status that just made our ovaries skip a beat! Our hearts too! His status was, “Often I wish I was a woman…then realise I don’t have enough guts, talent, sense of sacrifice, selfless love or beauty to be one. Thank you, girls” Wow, if this doesn’t give you a sense of pride then what will? I totally fell flat over this message and I’m quite sure you will too! If you remember, yesterday SRK also met up with India’s first eunuch band, 6 Pack Band and had a jolly time with them.

This guy just gives us the wow feels, ain’t it? Did he make you feel sentimental too? Tell us in the comments section below! Oh and also, team BollywoodLife wishes all of you a very Happy Women’s Day!

From ‘Chennai Express’ onwards, Shah Rukh Khan decided to put his name after the name of his actress in the opening credits of all his films. He became the first Indian actor to take such a step towards gender equality. And now, SRK has given a message on Women’s Day that is sure to melt many a heart. As per a report on BollywoodLife, the Baadshah, when asked to give a message on Women’s Day, said that he is an admirer of all women. He also said that there is nothing better in the world than being a woman and that he wishes to see women gain more strength and independence. Not so long ago, SRK was all praise for one of his closest women friends. Click the following slide to know who she is…

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

"I have not come here to compete. I've come here to rule."

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan a.k.a. SRK a.k.a. King Khan turns 51 today. Khan who began his acting career in the television serial Fauji in 1988 and entered the film industry with Deewana (1992), has given us memorable characters such as Ajay/Vicky in Baazigar, Sunil in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na, Raj in DDLJ, Kabir Khan in Chak De! India, and Mohan Bhargav in Swades.

Hailing from a middle-class Delhi family, Khan has reached the acme of Bollywood hierarchy through a combination of hard work and talent.

The numero uno star of Hindi cinema is also extremely articulate off screen, and known for his witty one-liners that make him stand out as one of the more intelligent artists working in the entertainment industry.

While many actors shy away from answering questions that could land them in controversy, SRK likes to take them head on.

1. On his arrogance.
"Film industry mein thodi si ji-huzoori zyaada hoti hai. Wahan pe ek tareeka hum logo ne apnaya hua hai ki jaise hi milte hain toh, "Sirjee, kaise hain? Kamal hain aap toh sir."
"Waise hi hum actor, producer, director sab ek dusre ke peeche aise hi ghoomte hain. Toh yahan par jo bhi aadmi khada hokar namaste karde toh usko thoda sa arrogant maan lila jaata hai."

(People in the film industry try to flatter each other a little too much. Actors, producers, directors practically tail each other just to stay in their good books. So, when a guy just stands still and greets someone with a Namaste, people call him arrogant.)

 2. On intolerance.
"Creativity bahut secular hoti hai. Creativity ke andar na koi dharam, koi jaat-paat, region-religion nahi aata kabhi bhi.

"Humein kalaakaar se pyaar hai, na ke kahaan se aayein hain."

(Creativity does not involve caste, religion or region. We love the artist, not his or her background.)

3. On Anti-Nationalism.
In 1998, Shah Rukh Khan was interviewed by Farida Jalal and asked what he would change if he could rule the country for a day.

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

5. On Terrorism.
SRK spoke about religion, humanity and terrorism at an event, billed, "A Nation In Solidarity Against Terror" that was held in India Gate in Delhi in November 2009, a year after the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks.

"I'm often asked nowadays, probably you are asked the same thing — What is your opinion on terrorism? I find this a very strange question because no one can have a difference of opinion on terrorism. Maybe because I'm a Muslim, people ask me to make sure my opinion is the same as theirs."

6. On Television shows.
"I have a lot of people around me who do acting and still work in television serials. So, if stardom is equated in terms of the value of payment and value of time, then the television stars are much bigger stars. Television is as respectable as films."

7. On Stardom.
"I do enjoy being a star. There was a time when I thought... there are times when I still think I'm not big enough a star. I think I would miss being a star. It's like seeing in future and seeing that when I go down on the roads and I'm not able to make people smile when they look at me, which I think is the greatest gift god has given me."

8. On Method acting.
I don't immerse myself in a character. I don't kill myself for dying in a scene in a film. I don't run 10kms because I have to seem out of breath. I don't believe in the method of method acting. I've read about it, I've learned about it. I completely disagree with it, maybe because I cannot do it. Or maybe I find it silly."

9. On Money.
In an interview with Ankur Pathak of HuffPost India, Khan said:
13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

10. On working women in the industry.

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

11. On competition in the industry.
"I compete with me. Why do I compete with me? Because I don't think anybody is good enough. And I don't mean to deride anyone. Because if I start looking around me and competing then everybody I have to compete with."

"You don't look back. You don't look on your side. You don't look at the guy in the front."

"I don't have any competition. I will be very honest. And I don't say that with immodesty or self-centred pompousness. I don't have any competition. I have not come here to compete. I've come here to rule."

12. On a rumour-free career with Bollywood actresses.
"I hide my romance in the same place as my money from the income tax."

13. On marrying a Hindu woman, Gauri Khan.
Khan narrates a funny incident from his wedding in an interview with Farida Jalal.

13 Unpopular SRK Quotes That Prove He's The King Of Bollywood

Monday, 5 March 2018

Aanand L Rai

Aanand L Rai on Shah Rukh Khan

Aanand L Rai thinks superstar Shah Rukh Khan is still the same old Delhi lad, and that the actor represents the middle-class boy who has achieved it all.

Aanand L Rai believes Shah Rukh Khan may have become a superstar but the actor still is the same Delhi boy at heart with humble beginnings and it was this quality that made him even more endearing for the filmmaker’s next Zero.

In Zero, the 52-year-old actor, popular for portraying characters in love stories set abroad, plays a vertically challenged man who travels from Meerut to New York.

“I always felt he is a very basic Delhi boy. Whenever I saw him in those valleys of Switzerland, I felt ‘Oh Delhi boy wahan tak pahuch gaya’ (the Delhi boy has achieved great heights). I never felt he didn’t belong there.”

“That is the reason why I think he has a great connect in our country because he represents a basic middle-class boy who has achieved it,” Aanand told PTI when asked how does he see this transformation of the actor.

The movie reunites the cast of Jab Tak Hai Jaan with SRK, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif featuring in the film.

For the first time, Aanand has teamed up with a star like Shah Rukh. Asked if the stakes have become higher, the 46-year-old director says, “There were bright chances.”

He is, however, relieved to have SRK on board. “Shah Rukh makes me feel so comfortable and makes you feel like he is the most obedient actor you have ever worked with. I have found a friend, a big brother in him. I am enjoying the process and he is letting me fly,” he says.

As of now, Aanand is gearing up for the Christmas release of the film which, he says, is “shaping up great” and is a “lifetime of experiences”.

Besides direction, Aanand is backing a string of new films under his company Colour Yellow Productions – from the sequel of Happy Bhaag Jayegi, Anurag Kashyap’s next Manmarziyan to a project helmed by Rajkumar Santoshi.

Talking about his production spree, he says, “I will never do a film just for the sake of it. If I have nothing to contribute, I won’t do it. If I don’t have anything to bring on the table something which will make it easier for the director or the team, there is no reason to make it.”

“I am not doing films to make money. If you make a good film, you will make money but that is not the prime reason to go for a film. My prime reason is what am I bringing new for my audience,” he adds.

For the Raanjhanaa director, the success or failure of a film does not account for much, but what matters is the intention with which it was made.

Aanand’s turn as a producer happened with the hit Tanu Weds Manu and he says the decision was largely driven by the idea to back the content he believes in.

“Producing a film was not to make money but only to get the freedom to make the kind of films I want to. I don’t look at my bank (balance) in terms of what I am getting or not getting,” he says.

“I am just enjoying the process of telling the stories I always wanted to be a part of. As a director I know I can do very few, but as a production house, I can tell more stories, which is fun,” he says.

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