‘Pie hunting’ Is The Latest Dating Trend And It’s Super Cruel

It’s even grosser than the name implies.

Shot Through The Heart

Move over, ghosting! There’s a new dating trend on the scene, and it’s ten times more despicable than ghosting. It’s called pie hunting. It’s probably the grossest dating trend yet, and has a pretty gross-sounding name to go with it. It makes us want to lock the doors, close the blinds and never go outside again. Who wants to get pie hunted? Not us! No thanks!

Hunting For Pie

Pie hunting is when someone purposefully dates people who have had a rocky relationship history. They seek out the lonely and the vulnerable. They try to date people who have had a rough go of it.

Target Practice

Someone who’s just gone through a breakup?They’re a prime target for a pie hunter. Someone who’s been dumped for the fifth time in a row? Also a prime target. Someone who’s never had a successful relationship and is practically begging for someone to like them? You guessed it! Target!

Origin Story

The name of the trend sounds dirty, but its derivation is innocuous. It comes from the reality TV show Love Island where contestants use the term “pied off” to describe someone who’s been stood up or dumped. Phew. We thought pie referred to something else!

Lonely Hearts Club

Pie hunters think that people who are nursing a broken heart or have been dumped a ton are “less picky.” They’re also seen as “more grateful” for the attention that they do get. What’s worse than preying on the sad and lonely and desperate? Labeling someone as sad and lonely and desperate.

Rock Bottom

Pie hunting takes advantage of people when they’re at their lowest low. And that, according to pie hunters, is what makes it so effective. All they need is someone to be there for them, and the pie hunter intends to be that person… for at least one night anyways.

Hunter Gatherer

Why would a pie hunter try dating someone who’s emotionally strong and healthy? They could get shot down! Why not just go for someone who’s desperate for love and attention? The low-hanging fruit is always easier to grab, right?

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Pie hunters believe that the broken hearted are more willing to have a one night stand. And, since they’ve been dumped so many times, they’re less likely to dump the person doing the pie hunting. That ensures that the pie hunter will never become as sad as someone who’s been pied off, thus becoming the pie huntee.

Fair Game

How do pie hunters spot their prey? They look out for anyone who shows signs of a recent heartbreak. They’ll look for divorces or dating profiles that say someone is freshly back on the market. And when they go on a date with someone, and that person can only talk about their shitty ex, they know they’ve hit the jackpot.

He Shoots… He Scores!

When you go through a breakup, it’s natural to look for a rebound. A pie hunter deliberately tries to be that rebound. But the worst part of it is, they have no intention on getting the ball back in the basket. It’s just on to the next hoop.


Sometimes you’re not ready for a new relationship right after your old relationship. And trying to have a relationship but failing at it can have disastrous results. If your heart is already bruised and battered, just one punch can be a knockout. It needs time to heal before you should put yourself out there.

My Heart Won’t Go On

When you start dating before you’re ready to date, you can end up feeling worse than you did before. Especially with pie hunters on the scene deliberately targeting you. You end up ten times more damaged than you would be if you didn’t try to date at all.

Life In The Slow Lane

Don’t put yourself back on the market until you’re ready to be back on the market. Take the time you need. Dating isn’t going anywhere. And honestly, with the way most people approach dating these days, we’re kind of wondering why anyone would want to date at all. It’s better to be single and happy than trying to date and miserable.

Welcome To The Jungle

And be careful when you’re dating! It’s a jungle out there! You don’t want to be captured as someone’s prey! We always liked cake better anyway, right?