More powerful phrases than a I Love You that you should always use

When was the last time you told your boy what you felt for him? Love can be complicated, but if it is strong it will be able to overcome any obstacle.Although of course, a “I love you” will always give us one more reason to move forward. 
Many times we do not say what we feel, but in a relationship it is very important. Express with your actions, but also with your words how much you value to be with your partner. Think of all those moments that have happened together, in the memories, the laughter, the fights but above all in the plans for the future.

With that in mind, do not hesitate to tell him these phrases that are much more powerful than a “I love you” :

16.-I want to be with you forever
This signals commitment and eternal affection, that in spite of the problems, it is always worthwhile to continue together. 

15.-You are the best thing that has happened to me 
With this, you will tell him how important it is in your life, since you value his company, but above all his love. 

14.- I would do anything for you 
This represents a great commitment to the relationship. If your boy hears this phrase, surely he will not hesitate to tell you the same thing. 

13.-I forgive you 
When something goes wrong and lawsuits arise, nothing shows more love than knowing how to forgive others’ mistakes. Do not hesitate to tell him that everything will be fine; that will give you the assurance that no mistake can separate you. 

12.-I will always support you 
This will show you that you care about your dreams, what you are passionate about and especially your goals. That no matter what happens, you will always be at your side to promote it and give it strength to overcome. 

11.-I accept you as you are 
This phrase will let you know that you love him with his defects and virtues.That you really know him and no matter what happens, you will not judge him. 

10.-I admire you very much 
Everyone needs to feel special, admired and valued in their relationship. This phrase will make your boy feel that you really love him and see all his virtues. 

9.-I trust you 
Trust is the basis of every relationship, and what better way to prove that than with these sweet words. Trust and affection are things that should never be missed.

8.-I am proud of you 
Nothing makes a boy more admired and appreciated that you say this phrase. Only those who really love, feel proud of the achievements of the person at their side.

7.-You are not alone
Loneliness can scare us a lot, therefore, it is always good to let the person you love know that whatever happens, will always have a support in you.

6.-I will wait for as long as necessary 
This phrase indicates patience and commitment, especially when some of the goals seem to distance them. Only those who want the good of their partner, are able to pronounce these beautiful words. 

5.-Thanks for being by my side 
Always thanks for the moments lived, for love, laughter and learning. That will prove to the person you love that you treasure every little detail that happens together. 

4.-I do not have words to express how much I love you
A phrase that may seem corny, but that perfectly reflects that the greatest love, can not be measured by words. 

3.-You mean everything to me 
The love that you have among yourselves is something almost magical. It is harmony and an inner peace that not everyone is capable of feeling. Love is something that not everyone is capable of valuing, but if they do, it represents the most beautiful thing in this life. 

2.-You are very special to me. 
Love is making the other person feel like your priority, but not in a sickly way;but with a commitment that does not end. By telling him that he is very special to you, he gives you an idea of ​​all they can do when they are together. 

1.-I will always make you happy 
Commitment, love and trust is what you demonstrate in this beautiful phrase. You always want and look for the best, so saying it is something that will undoubtedly make your day. 

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