Have you dreamed that your partner is unfaithful? This is what it really means

Dreams are a reflection of the subconscious. Although many interpret what happens in our mind when sleeping as a premonition, that is, the feeling that presages a future event, the reality is that they are part of the worries that we carry while we are awake and that we can hardly interpret. 

Although we may not have any idea of ​​the meaning of dreams, today I want to share what experts say about one of the most common: the infidelity of the couple.

Dreams represent one’s own image, not the actions of others.

You would be surprised to know how many people have had that great concern, because they think it is a sign that their partner is unfaithful or is about to be, but nothing is further from reality. First I want to make it clear that it is unfair and insensitive to suspect the couple as a reflection of their own fears. Because that is really! The fear of being betrayed and a series of insecurities that must be resolved in oneself. 

What are you afraid of? Ask this question in your mind, because you may have been caught by the fear of living a painful experience again, that is, time to let go of the past instead of judging that person who is now in your life.Dare to give love a new chance. Trust is something that must be worked on a daily basis, and it is better to start immediately so that your fears do not affect the relationship. You’re still in time to be happy. 
Another meaning

If this dream is very frequent it can mean that there is physical and emotional distancing in the couple, but that does not mean that the person is unfaithful or that he is thinking about being disloyal. Take into account that many times we project the distrust we feel for others, that makes it difficult for us to be protagonists of our own dreams. 
What can I do to resolve my emotional conflicts?

To heal the wounds of the past or to trust the person with whom we share life, it is necessary to be aware of our emotional problems, analyze what happened before starting to have that dream. Have you had problems lately?Do you feel that the relationship has fragmented a bit? Do not you feel as safe or secure of your partner as before? Then it’s time for a good talk, putting aside the fact of having dreamed of an infidelity, of course.

The important thing for things to work is to tell your partner what your concerns are. Maybe it’s good that they take up some hobbies together, that they are more detailed, and reconnect so that everything in their lives improves. Make a greater effort to revive the love and passion that led them to want to be together and not want to separate for a second. There is nothing that a good talk can not solve. 
I hope that your doubts and concerns about dreams of this type remain in the past; The only thing you should take care of is to form a solid and happy relationship.