Genius Husbands Who’ve Figured Out This Whole Marriage Thing

Marriage isn’t a competitive sport, but these husbands are still winning it.

1. Dirty Laundry

Marriage isn’t easy. It’s hard work. But as much of a challenge as it is, it’s possible to conquer it. These husbands have figured out to make marriage work. Maybe they haven’t been able to figure out how to make marriage work for their wives, too. But it certainly works for them!

Aww! It’s so sweet when your husband helps you with the laundry by writing a personal message on the laundry basket! Now if he could only help with the actual laundry…

2. Flash Mob

“That man lifting up his shirt behind us? Don’t mind him. He’s just my husband. Go ahead and take the photo. He always does this. We can’t get him to stop.”

3. Man Card

You get UTIs from having a lot of sex. So really, having to buy this for your wife isn’t a mark of shame. It’s a badge of honor. It means you got it on a ton. You should be given a high five and not a weird look.

4. Checkout Aisle

Fellas, take a note from this guy! You gotta know what you’ve got, and don’t be afraid to tweet about it! Because when your wife is way hotter, you have to show her you really love her so that you can keep her.

5. Fun With Photoshop

Your wedding photos are a huge deal. You’re going to look at them forever and remember the happiest day of your life. So why wouldn’t you Photoshop them to make it look like you’re walking away from an explosion? You want to remember yourself as a badass, don’t you?

6. Hot Pie

All the wife did was ask her husband to cut vents into this pie. She didn’t specify how he should do it. So technically he carried out the assignment. So what if it’s now too human-like to eat?

7. Mr. Church

When your fiancee sends you a photo of the church you guys are going to get married in, but you’re also hungry. When you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with someone, but mostly you’re hungry. When you’re in love and– who are we kidding. You’re starving.

8. Family Tree

Meeting your spouse on Ancestry.com isn’t the worst thing in the world. At least you can check to see if you’re related to the point where it’s weird and incestuous or if you’re so distantly related that you’re in the safe zone. Actually, on a second thought, even if you’re a tenth cousin forty times removed, it’s still weird.

9. Hi Dee

This is exactly why they have the shirts. Husbands will run off any chance they get and get lost. You need to have the shirts anytime you go shopping. Honestly, don’t even think of leaving home without them.

10. Great Start

Talk about starting your marriage on the right foot! It’s either comforting to know that your husband has a sense of humor or alarming that he’s already trying to communicate secret messages. If he’s in any trouble, he knows to send the secret signal by tapping his ear.

11. He’s Got Balls

This genius husband has it all figured out. Marriage isn’t a competitive sport, but he officially wins marriage. Is “genius” too strong of a word to use? Or is it not strong enough?

12. He Who Dealt It

You turn your back on your husband for one second and this happens. There’s a lesson here that we can all learn. And that’s never, ever think you can take your eyes off your husband, even for a moment.

13. Put A Ring On It

Oh, wait. Is this guy married? We had no idea. If you like it, then you should put a ring on it. Then you should show off that ring any chance you get.