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7 biggest Cliches in Anime

Girls in Animes often have little clothing, which means that the guys in the anime always end up in embarrassing situations. For example, they watch the girls get naked under the shower. Animes often have a very perverse sense of humor, sometimes scratching the border of H*ntai.

in Animes sometimes people from other countries are also present. But it is often the case that all prejudices are confirmed. For example, the germans in anime are always blond, have blue eyes and a strict face. They are also punctual. While Frenchmen are beautiful and all women fall in love with them.

Most animes play at school. Countless animes play at school, whether it’s fantasy, horror, action or comedy. Everywhere, the story of the anime often takes place in school or it is about young students. The Japanese connect very much with their time at school.

in Animes all the main characters are young, they are strong and they are the heroes who save the world in the end. While the parents or adults are always angry and always do everything wrong. This is due to the fact that manga artists often have strict parents. They are already fleeing early in childhood into their fantasies. And their parents want them to have a real job later. That’s why in Animes, mostly young people are the heroes, as a protest against the parents who didnt believe in their kids.

Hair! In Animes, there is always a very crazy hair style. However, only the important characters have a special hair style. The secondary characters always look quite normal. When you watch a new anime, you always immediately recognize the hero.

Animes often have crazy characters. The faces of them are especially crazy. They make many different grimaces, which would not be humanly possible. Often stars or hearts are also displayed in order to present the situation even more clearly.

the biggest anime stereotype are the transformations! Whenever the hero of the story loses the fight and is already lying on the ground, he makes it through the love of his friends one last time to get up. Then he transforms his body. That was already with Sailor Moon and later also with Dragonball. Even today, Animes rely on transformations. They dress up or transform themselves everywhere they go. Sometimes even in giant monkeys, see Dragonball.