This Advice Is So Bad That It Is Hilarious

Many of us run to the internet when we need advice or help. But, the internet can be very deceptive. Not all advice is good advice. Some of the stuff you can find may be downright harmful or just plain not helpful at all. The advice in this post is so incredibly bad that it is hilarious.

No Cheese?

What makes this advice so incredibly bad is not because Post-Its are not food. This advice is bad because Post-Its are so incredibly expensive that buying cheese would be much cheaper.


Yes, please do this next time, just not while you are in my home or car. Anyone who tries this would have to be a special kind of stupid. We hope no one really follow this terrible advice.

Hot Dog Seeds

This is the best tip, ever! Now, do any of you know where one can buy hot dog seeds. I checked the garden department at Walmart and could not find any. The staff laughed at me and walked away. I am speaking to their manager right now.

No Money For Christmas

This is something along the lines of breaking up with someone shortly before the holidays and not dating again until after Valentine’s Day. This will save you a ton of money. It is smart advice.

Cup Handle

This is a grand idea if you are too lazy to just hold your cup the way that it is meant to be held. In case your brain is fried, be sure to put another cup inside of it before using it like this unless you want to make a mess.

Tea Cup

This advice is terrible. It takes more time to cut and gut out a pepper than it does to just rinse out a dirty cup. Plus, could you imagine how this tastes? Yuck! Just wash a cup, you lazy bastard.

Tire Tread

What a grand idea! They did forget to add one thing to this tidbit of advice. When your tire finally blows out, and it will, be sure to use duct tape or bubble gum to do the repair. You will get at least another 500 miles out of the tire.

Morning Rush

This is absolutely disgusting. Mint and bread do not go well together. Grab a stalk of celery instead and fill it with toothpaste. Get your vitamins from your vegetables and your teeth cleaned at the same time.

Kill Viruses

You have probably heard about putting slices of onions in your socks if you are battling a sickness like the flu. It really works, so it should not surprise you that putting those same onion slices in your disk drive on your computer to protect it from viruses. Let us know how that works out for you.

Money Saver

We get it. Money is tight sometimes. This advice actually works as long as you do not remind your little one of their upcoming birthday. Save a ton of money by doing this for as many years as possible before they finally catch on to your cheapness.


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