The 11 strangest marriage rituals in the world

In each region of the planet there are different customs and superstitions about marriage and they are very respectable, but some are too strange for our lifestyle, according to the site “Ready or Knot” these countries have some of the rarest.

11. North China

In some regions of northern China the bride is allowed to touch the breasts by the guests to raise money, this in order to finance the honeymoon, the guests including friends and relatives of the groom, stand in line to be able to grope and even kiss the The bride’s breasts, while the newlywed is just seeing and waiting for this uncomfortable tradition to end.

10. Borneo

In this country the inhabitants have the belief that defecating “expels” the fertility of the body, that is, if the newlyweds go to the bathroom they lose the opportunity to have children, so they must endure the urge to go to the bathroom for 3 days. The couple has a special diet to be able to achieve the difficult feat and they are watched all the time so that they do not “cheat” .

9. South Korea

To test their manhood, men must receive blows to the sole of their foot with different objects, from a stick, a belt and even a fish, while they ask about their future plans. The more hits he resists and the louder he shouts his answers, it means he is more macho.

8. China

Brides should cry at least once a day for a month before their wedding. After the first 10 days, her mother joins the ritual of tears and finally, after 20 days, the grandmother joins her. On the day of the wedding all the guests must mourn.

7. Mauritania

The more the bride is more fertile according to this belief, if the bride is thin, has the obligation to gain weight until reaching an overweight acceptable to her boyfriend.

6. South China

The bride and groom seek the approval of nature and for that the fiancees kill a chicken and remove the liver; If that liver is in good condition, it is a good omen and they can follow the plans, but if not, they have to keep killing chickens until they get a healthy liver.

5. Himalayas

This is one of the most difficult to understand, it turns out that one of the mandatory acts before marriage is for the bride to have sex with the groom’s grandfather, regardless of whether she is a virgin or has never been with her fiancé. This to “mark” the promised and that nobody else can touch. In case of becoming pregnant, the groom must take responsibility and raise the child as if it were his.

4. Cambodia

When a young woman of the Kreung tribe reaches the age of majority, she must look for a husband. To facilitate the process the father has the obligation to build a cabin that the young woman will use to have sex with as many men as she wishes, until she chooses her favorite. The “lucky” man is forced to accept his destiny and marry her.
Curiously, in this tribe it is very rare that divorces occur.

3. Bali

In Bali they cut a tooth to each of the fiancés, because the teeth are considered symbols of lust, greed, anger and jealousy. Thus they are freed from these evils that could affect their marriage.

2. Kyrgyzstan

Kyz ala kachuu means “to take a young woman and escape” , is a tradition that has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years. The kidnapping of brides or marriages by capture refers to the practice in which the man abducts the woman with whom he wishes to marry. In the country of Kyrgyzstan it is believed that the tears on the wedding day are a sign of a good future, that is why many parents let their daughters be kidnapped, especially if they cried because they thought they would be happy with that man. Only in 1991 could this practice be established as illegal.

1. Sweden

In this country any guest at the wedding has the opportunity to kiss a couple. This tradition says that the groom must disappear for a few minutes and so the young singles can kiss the bride, the same thing happens so that the groom can be kissed by the young unmarried girls.


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