20 misunderstood geniuses who might be at NASA

And as the employment situation is getting worse in Mexico, it is natural that everyone gives their best not to be fired. Many of us are taking strength under the stones to stop early and travel long distances and get to work on time.

However, there are workers who are doing much more than natural forces allow and even risk their lives every day to bring food to their families. They are all heroes!

Get ready to meet 20 superheroes who have no cape

20- This man who has been collecting garbage in his city for 25 years

19- This is “make you want”

18- And what about this? This is what I call “working as a team”

17- If you like your job, it is normal to acquire skills like this …

16- How did he do it ?!

15- This is very moving

14- This guy who is dedicated to fix air conditioners and rises his life in every attempt

13- This luchona mom selling chairs Wow!

12- This child who instead of being in classes must load hundreds of gas mines a day

11- Some day will grow and will be the best of all photographers

10- And now what about this tire seller in China?

9- The electricians who risk their lives every day so that we have light at home

8- There is no doubt that necessity forces us to do things that we never think

7- If you know a fireman, it’s time to say “thank you” for risking his life

6- This community of women who carry many kilos of bricks for long journeys

5- A child who is only born in the trash, must dedicate to load it until he achieves something better

4- This donut seller who must endure very high temperatures in order to keep his job

3- This man walking on a 10-story building

2- This adorable little girl who helps her father with his work

1- Can you imagine how dangerous this must be?


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