18 images that show everything that is wrong with this world

Without a doubt, humanity is going through a crisis of values. Thanks to the lack of education, goodness, companionship and humility are increasingly scarce. Below we will show you some images that demonstrate some characteristics of this modern society. Judge them for yourself:

18.- Sadly for many, this is the only way to find love.

17.- So women in modern society …

16.- The way of seeing the world that is killing him …

15.- Communication and social networks seem to be liberating, but the truth is also enslaving.

14.- As Karl Marx said: “Altruism does not exist.”

13.- Sad image that exemplifies the terrible situation of unemployment that young people of this generation are experiencing.

12.- Image that describes what the future will be like if we do not start taking care of our planet.

11.- Social inequality and the maldistribution of wealth, without a doubt, the biggest problem of our current society.

10.- War: the most stupid invention on the planet, where politicians and public servants never dirty their hands and enrich their pockets.

9.- They deceive the consumer.

8.- The sad reality of many women.

7.- The world judges who thinks differently and dares to dream.

6.- Inconsistencies of humanity.

5.- The society seems to love the factual powers that have submitted it.

4.- The secret of many women …

3.- An image that will break your heart.

2.- The truth of many who only appear in their social networks.

1.- Mexico in a few years.


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