17 Selfies That Wrecked by a Terrible Neglect

Taking selfies is now almost a sport, and is practiced by all almost all the time. As always, there are people who often exceed this, but that is not exactly the problem, because if they are good photos everything is fine, but it is, as in these cases, photos that are embarrassing, it is very different.

If you like to take many selfies and upload them to social networks, the first thing you should notice is that you do not see anything in the photo that you do not want everyone to look at. This was not done by the protagonists of the selfies that I will show you next, who were victims of their carelessness and ended in a complete ridicule.

With them all good, but what the hell with the guy behind? Have you seen it? I think he really likes that woman’s skirt.

It would have been great if you did not see who took the picture … which we assume is his own daughter. That should mark you in some way not good, do not you think?

“Testing my new police uniform.” Surely you will achieve many detainees as well.

Who did he want to cheat with that? Overall, when they saw his arms they would know that everything was a lie.

“Take a picture of me my love, I need it for the file of my work”.

According to her, she was ‘stuck in traffic’, but what she did not know was that her glasses proved the lonely truth.

He wanted to show that he was wounded in the arm, but he ended up teaching another part … although he is still cut off from there.

“I’ll put on a serious face so everyone will think I’m watching a documentary.” The window made clear what he was actually seeing.

What is your fascination to take pictures without your pants on?

The imaginary photographer boyfriend attacks again.

So quiet taking a selfie, and has no idea that she is not alone.

Like when you realize too late that the beach you went to was a nudist.

Before uploading a photo to social networks it is best to check each pixel so that things like this do not happen.

All celebrating, even a child, while one of the players went ahead to bathe.

There is a guest to her party of ‘pajamas’ that did not wait ….

Will you try to send a subliminal message?

“They are changing the diaper to a child in the bathroom, post ‘selfie!”