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16 Crazy Examples When Fashion Went Out of Control

Fashion is an unpredictable thing that can change very quickly. If you follow it blindly, you never know where it will lead you. The people in this compilation tried to be trendy at all costs but when choosing their clothes, they didn’t always use common sense. That’s why they got pretty strange results: some of them are obvious fails and some are just hilarious. Take a look at them!

1. When you love the royal family too much:

2. This is a blouse for the bravest of people.

3. This is not the best dress to highlight your legs…

4. When you love cinnamon buns:

5. There’s no exit.

SS18 EXIT SIGN BOOTS www.ssense.com @ssense

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6. Detachable jeans

7. Tortilla man

8. When you want to be on time:

9. When you forget you’re not a little girl anymore:

10. Can you even walk wearing these?

11. “My girlfriend bought this dress.”

12. “That’s a cool outfit, man!”

13. Spring has come.

14. Looks like she forgot an important part of her outfit…

15. — “Take a seat.”— “Thanks, I’m good.”