15 Viral Selfies Gone Horribly Bad

Selfies with a red disk

Photobombers are everywhere, you can never be too careful! They tend to spin their best selfie in the complete trash and this is what happened here. Remember children, before you take a selfie, make sure you look around … especially when you wait on a red disk!

The children really are advanced!

Even babies take pictures now but it is great when their parents eat that obsession of photography at a very young age. In this case, the child seems to be too young to do this! Tip: buy a selfie stick instead!
A little privacy, please?


Here is a selfie that demands privacy. Your friends are either drunk or they really do not have any concept of when not to take a picture (a picture). Another tip: if your friend pees, take a picture (a picture) after she is done? It is less embarrassing for everyone!
Need more privacy

There are so many reasons that could surround this picture (image) but the poor girl ended up looking like she is trying to be dirty. You should really get much more private cubicle if you try pictures like this … this will only make you good.
His shadows gave him away

You know (know), before you set a picture (a picture), or the title, be sure there is nothing that gives it away. Being said, the traffic seems to have dispersed quite fast! Here is a tip that you should not avoid at any cost: Do not use your phone while driving!

Cool shit (cool)

There is an exact time to take a selfie and sometimes this is not immediately after you take a landfill because, sometimes, you can see it! Remember how we talk about looking at your environment before fixing the picture (of the picture)? Yes, take notes!

When you see it

Well, sometimes you do not have to look at the bottom, you leave some things lying (are) around directly in front of you and you fail to see it. Admittedly, this is a cute dress, but when you see that you are wrong with the picture (the picture), the focus abandons (leaves) the chick and goes into the article instead.

When boredom strikes

What do you do when you are bored in class? You know (know), usually populate employment telephones to take a picture (a picture) because it is so much easier but maybe times are changed. The one way or the other, this would really do you good if you focused the lecture that takes it from a selfie …

Bathroom selfies

People take bathroom selfies all the time. We had the one who took the picture (the picture) while his friend was peeing, the other who took it immediately after taking a dump but we did not have any taken during the time on the toilet. Until now…

Selfie car

Remember the chick who had photographed his picture (image) by the people in the back? Well this is a different, much sadder kind of photo bomb. There is no harm in being vain, but with the class difference so clearly the present (gift), this only (just) moves the focus away from you …

Surprised in flagrante

Parents simply do not understand the concept of selfies. This father is not particularly happy and instead asks about his daughter’s life options. Unfortunately, that expression is that he made the lap of selfie to gold

Bad education

Usually when you are the baby you are in the bathtub, you have to give them undivided attention. This mother, on the other hand, thought this would be the fun to go semi naked and take low quality selfie instead! Who can blame her, some things only (fair) can not be avoided.

What is wrong with this?

This picture (picture) looks completely normal, right? This guy decides to take a picture (a picture) while he cooks, what’s the harm in this? People take pictures while pooping! Look closer though, look rather a gigantic mirror and a bathroom sink moved in the kitchen …
Umm … what’s wrong with you?

Taking a picture (a picture) with a shark is very different when it lies (is) dead on the shore. Do you know (know) what you should not do with it? The affectionate hug with a dead shark and take a picture (a picture)! Seriously, the smell would be enough to scare people away, what’s wrong with you ?!
Get everything in!

And finally we have a woman who desperately wants every inch of her in the box (the image). Too bad she does not know how to do this or even have someone else take the picture (the image) for her. The one or the other way, you lean the help, but the wonder, what are you trying to do?