15 times celebrities dressed their yoga pants a little tight

Everyone loves a good pair of yoga pants. They are comfortable and cute, perfect for jumping into the gym or keeping things light for casual attire. In spite of how cute they can sometimes be when they fit too much or have been used too many times, they can be a major setback in the dressing room. Here are 15 celebrities in their leggings, some of them swinging … and some perhaps should have checked in the mirror before leaving.

Kim Kardashian

Let’s start with one of the most famous celebrities in the world who has the most common problem related to leggings, Kim Kardashian with cameltoe! Cameltoe, also known as front wedgie. This happens when the leggings are a little too small and, therefore, rise more, which causes a wedgie.

Chloe Grace Moretz

This young actress has been on the big screen for most of her life, and is known for her roles in films like Carrie, as well as for dates with Brooklyn Beckham, son of Victoria and David Beckham. Here you can see her swinging a pair of light blue leggings and showing her amazing stomach.

Paris Hilton

Does anyone else remember the days when Paris Hilton was the most popular social celebrity in the United States? We are sure to do. This Hilton Fortune Heriess has become a big name, and a good amount of money, in its own right. Anyone would think that all this would buy him his new leggings, but here we can see that he still has some worn pairs.

Elle Macpherson

One of the most famous models of all time, Elle, also known as ‘The Body’, has made a career of showing her almost perfect physique. Now, at 52, Elle continues to show that body with these leggings, and it still looks amazing. Seriously impressive for a mother of two children!

Shia LaBeouf

This former Transformers star has become possibly even more famous for his eccentric attitude and style than his acting career. Here he continues with this crazy style trend with a couple of what we have to say is a pair of very unflattering pink leggings while heading to Jimmy Kimmel studio.

Iggy Azalea

One of the most controversial pop / rap stars of the decade The curved figure of Iggy has been questioned several times and people wonder if they have undergone plastic surgery to maintain it, and it turns out that it does. Leaving the surgery aside, she has an incredible body! Here it looks amazing wearing a pair of tight shorts.

Christina Milian

Staying fit is a great way to prevent your ex from wishing they had done better, and this is exactly what Milian is doing. She was previously with rapper Lil Wayne, but reportedly had a very tumultuous relationship, and after the separation looks better than ever as you can see in this elastic body.

Blac Chyna

If there’s one thing that Blac Chyna is known for, it’s her big ass. The reality television star often flaunts his booty with tight pants, but in these yoga pants he was not looking his best. The pants seem to be too tight for his curvaceous figure and both squeezed his butt and were a bit transparent.

Lisa Rinna

This star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wore a pair of pink leggings. These leggings are very similar to those that Shia LeBeouf previously showed, but these fit much better because they are actually designed for your body type and complement your attire.

Kylie Jenner

This is a malfunction of the wardrobe rather small as they come, but through these meshes you can clearly see the outline of your underwear. Apart from that, Kylie looks amazing, as she almost always does, showing her well-toned body in a simple but cute outfit.

Mickey Rourke

A longtime publicly ridiculous fan Mickey Rourke is keeping him in these yellow neon leggings. It was seen outside of the Equinox Gym in West Hollywood, a gym that many other celebrities frequent, which comes at a high price of $ 1,000 … and that’s just for the initiation fee.

Anne Hathaway

In the photo, outside the gym, Anne probably felt incredible … except for a little discomfort. These yoga pants are a bit too tight for her, but because of how tight they are probably not so bad, but I should definitely go a little next time.