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15 People Who Probably Pissed Off Their Barber

1. Hulk Hogan’s Got Your Back

You thought the ’80s were a ridiculous time for hairstyles? Well, yeah, they were. But, my friend, you haven’t seen anything. I don’t know what these folks were thinking when they walked into their barbers’ shops. But if you upset a hairstylist, they’ll mess you up. Or, they won’t protest when you request to do something like this to yourself.

2. Sneaky And Sleepy

“I just don’t understand Jonathan. You always seem so attentive during lectures. Yet you only scored a 23{029e3fbae0eb99b2a5e5ac7c16b0f7db1f65c407150f4c8026e2cffb69b05632} on the exam. Were you listening to a word I was saying? Why… aren’t you answering me?”

3. Classic Fade

“How have you been enjoying your haircut?”

“I think it looks amazing. But every time I fall asleep in the park I wake up to find old men playing chess on my head.”

4. Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Hoodie?

We all secretly wish we could live in Spongebob’s house. But there have to be better ways to go about achieving this dream. Although they say eating pineapple makes certain fluids taste better, so maybe having one for a head would accomplish the same thing?

5. Classy AF

“I know a lot of people think mustaches are shady. They just haven’t met the right one, yet. I like to give them a few options. I wish my eyebrows connected so I could have three.”

6. What About The Cavemen?

What if this isn’t even a haircut? What if after this picture was taken the photographer said they liked this guy’s hair? Then he became afraid and whispered, “What are you talking about? I’m bald.”

7. I’m Just Saiyan

Wait, you can get a power boost from the barber? I thought it took years of training and unbridled rage to reach this form. Everything I learned from Dragon Ball Z is a lie.

8. Getting Hungry?

“Hello, and welcome to Morty’s Steakhouse. How would you like your meat cooked tonight?”

“Is this some kind of joke? Look at my head, man? You think this was an accident?”

9. Getting Thirsty?

The creamy blend hairstyle is absurd, yes. But take notice of the chalk outline around his beard and hairline. It’s like the barber knew this was a crime scene.

10. Fresh Breath, Fresh Cut

Was this a mishap with the razor? Or is this guy going bald specifically next to his ears? The longer you look at this picture, the more questions it raises.

11. Grilled

Some guys would be offended if you called them white bread. This fella looks like that was the exact look he was going for. It’s no wonder he’s a train wreck when his face is covered in tracks.

12. Complicated Cut

It’s tough finding a solid barber. It’s even harder finding one well-versed in physics. So when you come across this person, you become a customer for life.

13. Not Like This

The real world can be scary. Sometimes you just wish you could plug yourself into the Matrix. But once you realize what it would look like, most choose not to… most.

14. Ring Around The Dopey

Once you see this guy’s haircut, you get a call that tells you in seven days you will look the same. The only way to prevent that fate is to pass this on. I’m sorry to share the curse of The Ring with you.

15. Damn, Dentist

It makes sense people would be afraid to go to the dentist if they all looked like this. If they mess their hair up that much imagine what they’d do to your mouth? Suddenly going 20 years without brushing doesn’t sound so terrifying.