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10 Inappropriate Celebrity Family Relationships Caught On Camera

Being a celebrity might seem like it is all red carpet walks, designer clothes, and fun parties but in reality their day to day lives aren’t that far out of the ordinary. The downside of their fame is that when they are having an unfortunate moment, as we all do, that there is usually someone there with a camera to catch it, and millions of fans around the world waiting to see. Here are 15 of those awkward moments, both on the red carpet and off.

Seriously Checking Selma Out

Now it is true that actress Selma Hayek is a world class beauty, and her breasts are just as legendary, but this guy could do a better job being subtle while checking her out. The two are attending a red carpet event with about a million cameras on them so he should know better than to be so obvious.

Nice Cheeks!

Kate Middleton is the epitome of a modern day lady, with skirts always at an appropriate length, every word said in public well thought out, and no improper incidents on record as of yet. Here she is with someone dressed like an old school warrior, talk about different worlds colliding!

She Doesn’t Look So Happy

Here we can see famous childhood star Mary-Kate Olsen with her 42 year old boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy at a basketball game. He’s giving her a kiss on the forehead, and she doesn’t look too happy about it. It really looks like a father and daughter at a basketball game together and she looks like she is feeling awkward!

Channing Looks Like A Sloppy High School Kid

Channing Tatum has been a hollywood heartthrob for the last decade, and pretty much any woman out there would trade places with his wife, Jenna. Probably not at the moment of this photo though because this looks like one terrible awkward kiss coming on!

What’s Up Will?

Notorious goofy guy Will Smith has played his fair share of funny, quirky characters on the big screen. Turns out he is well suited to this role because he is quite the goofball off screen as well. Here he can be seen seated with his wife Jade hanging out and goofing around in his usual playful manner.

Grab Your Girl Kanye

Right now Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might be the most well known celebrity couple in the entire world. The reality star / hip hop artist duo has been together for years now, and have 2 kids, but here it looks like Kanye is not so happy as another guy gives Kim a very friendly hug.

Height Difference To The Max

Another Kim Kardashian couple photo here we can see Kim with her now ex – husband Kris Humphries stretching up to give him a kiss which he has to bend down for. Kim and Kris famously were married for a shockingly short total of 72 days, leading to a phase where people were referencing time in the measurement of a Kardashian marriage.

Wandering Eyes Spotted

David and Victoria Beckham have had a very long successful marriage with relatively very little drama. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have little tiffs every once in awhile though, and this incident of David checking out a cheerleader looks like it may have upset Victoria, who then gave David quite the look.

High 5 Left Hanging

The King and Queen of celebrity couples, there is probably not a more loved couple out there in the United States at this moment. They almost always seem in synch with each other but here it looks like they were out of it for a moment because Beyonce left Jay Z hanging, literally, when she did not return his high five.

Young, Awkward, Love

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were both thrust into the spotlight at a very early age with their respective singing and acting careers. When they got together back in the early 2010’s teenagers everywhere fell in love with this cute, but slightly awkward young couple, but tragically the pair broke up years ago.

Guess Their Team Is Losing

Jay and Beyonce are at another basketball game here, and this time instead of being on different pages they are on the same one… it just doesn’t look like they are on a very good one. Our best bet is probably that the team they are rooting for is probably losing, and they are not too happy about it!

Cheating On Camera

One of the biggest downsides of being a celebrity has to be that your most embarrassing private moments are caught on camera and then put on blast. That certainly was the case here for Katharine McPhee and movie director Michael Morris, both of whom were married to other people at the time this photo was taken.

Is That Pee, Fergie?

Fergie has had a long and successful career as a singer, both with the band The Black Eyed Peas and as a solo artist. Here is one of her more awkward moments on stage. The large wet stain in her crotch area looks like she has accidentally peed her pants, but also maybe just a sweat stain, let’s hope for the latter of the two options.

Taylor Swift or Marilyn Monroe

Everyone knows the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe in a white dress that is billowing up above her waist as she tries to hold it down. Since then several celebrities have had similar moments happen to them, Taylor Swift included! Here she is having a Marilyn Monroe moment while on stage at a concert.

Poor Celebs!

Although it would be fun to be a celebrity in some ways to be famous, it seems like all of the attention is overall more annoying than enjoyable. Unfortunately for celebrities it seems like there is no end to this in sight as the public’s appetite for constant media seems to be growing larger by the day.